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The ROG3 Story

The R.O.G.3 Story started many years ago when Vince Vallone was a participant with the Walt Disney World company. He was asked to sandblast the bottom of a bathtub with his deathless machines. Well, he did and started a whole new business of creating a slip card at the bottom of bathtubs.
The Kohler company flew down to Disney in their private jet and hired Vince to share his process. This was back in 1992, and since then the Kohler Bathtubs coming off the line are equipped with the safe card Vince invented.
After working on many of the Disney property hotels, Vince was asked to come up with a better bathtub cleaner. Vince had already invented a really good cleaner, so he introduced it to Disney.
The Kohler company still recommends R.O.G.3 to all its customers. They are a privately family-owned company, and after careful testing of their special 5000 scrub test, it is the R.O.G.3 cleaner they highly recommend to all their customers.
If you call the Kohler company today, they’ll still recommend the R.O.G.3 cleaner. And Disney Cruise Lines is a steady customer of R.O.G.3 products.
Vince’s daughter, Vanessa, soon got involved in customer service and sales for R.O.G.3, and Veronica, his second daughter, got involved with all the computer work, making labels, and shipping to private homes and hotels across the United States, the Bahamas, and Canada.
The Vallone family is happy to have invented not only a safety bottom for bathtubs but also a cleaner that keeps your family safe. When traveling and staying at hotels, many ROG3 users spread the word. ROG3 is still a family-owned, and relatively small company, and they provide customers with a quality product simply because they care.
Effective Cleaning Solutions for Your Home

Say Goodbye to Tough Stains, Grime & Soap Scum

Welcome to R.O.G.3, your trusted source for effective cleaning solutions that deliver outstanding results. Since our inception, we have been committed to providing top-tier cleaning products to homeowners, helping them achieve spotless and sparkling living spaces.

Our Signature Product: The ROG3 Cleaner

At the heart of our product lineup is the R.O.G.3 Cleaner, a revolutionary cleaning solution designed to tackle tough stains, soap scum, and grime. Our flagship product has gained popularity for its exceptional performance in rejuvenating bathrooms and kitchens, leaving surfaces gleaming like new.
Signature Product the rog3 cleaner
Quality and Safety

Quality and Safety

We take pride in delivering products of the highest quality while maintaining a strong focus on safety. The R.O.G.3 Cleaner is formulated with care, ensuring it is effective yet safe for use in your home. We prioritize using ingredients that do not compromise the health of your family.

Versatility for All Cleaning Needs

Our products are designed with versatility in mind, offering effective solutions for a wide range of cleaning tasks. From bathrooms and kitchens to outdoor spaces, R.O.G.3 products are built to handle various surfaces, making cleaning a breeze.

For more information about our products and services, feel free to contact our dedicated customer support team to learn more about our offerings and find helpful resources.

Versatility for All Cleaning Needs

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