Express ROG 3

Express ROG 3 shower cleaner is the very best, easiest, fastest and cheapest way to remove stains, soap scum and sanitize bathtub and showers. Especially on slip resistant and non-slip surfaces which become heavily stained, discolored, and slippery over time. It will remove stains, soap scum, and all grime. Express ROG 3 ™ is great for any bathroom fiberglass, porcelain ,tile, grout, sink toilet, cultured marble, stainless steel, corian and formica.
Express ROG 3 gets amazing Results with fiberglass showers, bathtubs, and non-slip or textured surfaces. “Don’t ever paint a bathtub”. ROG 3 is better and cheaper than re-painting and re-surfacing!!!

Don’t use Homemade Bathtub or shower cleaners Like Hydrogen Peroxide or Baking Soda and Vinegar. That will damage the finish overtime. There’s a reason why Kohler recommends the ROG products. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a new bathtub when with ROG 3 yours can look like new, and last for decades. A nice bathtub or shower is a investment. Don’t ruin it with damaging abrasives and cleaners that will dull the finish when ROG is $40 a year for your whole house. ROG3 ™ IS DESIGNED TO CLEAN BATHTUB BOTTOMS ETCHED SURFACES and textured surfaces on all bathtubs, cast, fiberglass, steel, and tile.

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