ROG3 Kit

KOHLER ™ tested and approved ROG3 fiberglass cleaner is the very best easiest, fastest and cheapest way to remove stains, soap scum and sanitize bathtub and showers. Especially on slip resistant and non-slip surfaces which become heavily stained, discolored, and slippery over time. It will remove stains, soap scum, and all grime. Express ROG 3 ™ is great for any bathroom fiberglass, porcelain ,tile, grout, sink toilet, cultured marble, stainless steel, corian and formica.
Express ROG 3 gets amazing Results with fiberglass showers, bathtubs, and non-slip or textured surfaces. “Don’t ever paint a bathtub”. ROG3 fiberglass cleaner is better and cheaper than re-painting and re-surfacing!!!

Don’t use Homemade Bathtub or shower cleaners Like Hydrogen Peroxide or Baking Soda and Vinegar. That will damage the finish overtime. There’s an reason why Kohler recommends the ROG products. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a new bathtub when with ROG 3 yours can look like new, and last for decades. A nice bathtub or shower is a investment. Don’t ruin it with damaging abrasives and cleaners that will dull the finish when ROG is $40 a year for your whole house. ROG3 ™ IS DESIGNED TO CLEAN BATHTUB BOTTOMS ETCHED SURFACES and textured surfaces on all bathtubs, cast, fiberglass, steel, and tile.

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ROG3 Fiberglass Cleaner
ROG3 Fiberglass Cleaner