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12 Quarts per case of ROG-1 Cream Cleaner

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  1. Yesterday and today I worked on my bathtub and this is to let you know I am so pleased with the result. Yesterday I applied three applications of ROG3 and it worked wonders. This morning I did one more application of ROG3 because I thought in places it could use it but it didn’t make that much difference. Then I applied two applications of ROG1 and this was the “icing on the cake” so to speak. It really made the bathtub look like new – so shiny and clean. One has to look really hard to see those Safeguard decals.

    I used about half of ROG 3 and maybe a third of ROG1. The scrubber looks as though it could be used again. I will be saving all three items just in case I ever need to do this again. I really wish my camera was working to send you pictures.

    A personal note – I don’t even know if my bath tub is a KOHLER. It was installed when my condo was built in the late seventies. As for myself I am 91 years of age and if I can get such great results with your product, anyone can.

    Thank you Vince for a product that really works! I have enjoyed my correspondence with you.

    Jean Steveley

  2. This is my before and after pictures.

    Unfortunately, I only ordered the single bottle of the ROG 1 and ROG 3 products initially as I was skeptical of the reports of how this product works.

    However, as my shower was in really bad shape from 12 + years of improper cleaning, both by my cleaning lady as well as myself, I really ran through much of the ROG 3 bottle of product and thus ordered and received the 3 bottle kit just the other day. This is what I should have ordered originally had I known how well the products really work.

    As a professional floor and window covering installer for almost 30 years, I have run into a multitude of products in that time, every one of which made all manner of claims about how effective their products were.Turn on the television and we are constantly bombarded with this stuff.
    However, I can confidently state that I have never used a product which performs exactly as described and achieves professional results far beyond my expectations. Not only is my shower in an absolutely pristine condition, I now know I have the product on hand to ensure that it is forever maintained in this condition. While it was a lot of work to obtain the results you see, it would have been easier if all the money which was spent on cleaning materials over time even came close to performing like your product does. Many thanks for your products. Please feel free to use this testimonial in any manner that you find beneficial.

    With thanks
    Grimsby, Ontario,

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